Little Nigua

Written by Lídia GarciaDegree in educational psychology and pedagogy at UAB. Illustrated by Xavier Mula – Freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

“Little Nigua” is a story that explores the potential of the differences between word and image, explaining two realitys who live in the same environment: the main character (Nigua=flea) and that of the rest of the family. While the image explains the reality of the family, the text is
narrated by the flea, teaching us the place she believe occupies in the family core. This combination allows us to have two different views, two realities  at the same time.

The character of flea is sensed throughout the whole story but it is not until the end of the story when the reader discovers that really is a flea. The surprise factor allows for reading, the reader can unleash your imagination and reread the story once the main character discovered.

Personal project / 2014

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