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animacio cara

Xavier Mula was born in Igualada (Barcelona-Spain) in 1983, son of a illustrator, publicist and graphic designer. When he was a child, spent long time looking at his father while he drew, painted with the airbrush or cut vinyl colors to create beautiful illustrations.

He took an illustration and graphic designer formation in Gaspar Camps Art School (Igualada), La Massana Arts&Design school (Barcelona) and Francesca Bonnemaison Art School (Barcelona)

Currently, it takes almost six years dedicating professionally illustration and working for publishers, design studies, newspapers, magazines, local governments and the world of adeversiting. Besides he’s a teacher of art and design in Gaspar Camps art school since 2015.

Also, his CV includes national and international awards in illustration, among others, the recent Laus Gold 2014 (Spain), the Museum and the Web Award 2014 (USA) and the Junceda Award 2014 (Spain) or the selection at Catalogo Iberoamericano de Ilustración 2016 (Mexico). In parallel, he does and participates in numerous group and solo exhibitions around his country.

Xavier works with mixed media, usually starts his illustrations with acrylics and stamping, finishing using digital tools, to get his characteristic and own way of expression through a powerful language, always with the main purpose of transmitting by the best possible way the concept and the message of the illustration, without forgetting the beauty and appeal of his artwork.

He’s a proactive, pasionated, team player and deadline-conscious person and someone who knows how to adapt to the requirements of each project.


SURT DE CASA Centre (2016)


THE ROOM ROOMS’ studio blog (2014)

LE COOL magazine (2014)

YOROKORUBU magazine (2014)

PIENSA ES GRATIS webzine (2013)


  • Companies and institutions: Generalitat de Catalunya, Obra social “La Caixa”, Editorial SM, Editorial Cruïlla, Editorial Cultura Ciclista, Ómnium Cultural, Rayo Verde Editorial, 4D Cities, 4D Health innovation simulation center, PSC (Partit Socialista de Catalunya), CUP (Candidatura d’Unitat Popular), Som Escola, Ajuntament d’Igualada, Ajuntament d’Òdena, Ajuntament de Sant Quirze del Vallès, IMC ( Institut Municipal de Cultural d’Igualada ), Museu de la Pell, Joventuts Musicals de Catalunya, laBastida, Escola del Bosc, Vol’e Temps, Global Production, La Kaserna, Fruitnatura, Worlprint3 and many more.
  • Press and magazines:  El Malpensante (Colombia), Cuina magazine, Descobrir Catalunya magazine, The Church of Horrors magazine, Opticks magazine, Som:Anoia newspaper, Solo Boca magazine (Argentina), Directa newspaper, Le Cool magazine, Diálogos magazine, Barcelona educació, Anoiadiari
  • Design studies: Burzon&Comenge (Spain), Global Cad Productions (Spain), Be360(Uruguay), Más Imagen (Chile)




  • 28 November to 6 Desember_Exhibition at FIL – International Book Fair of Guadalajara, Mexico
  • 10 to 31 April 2015 _ Group exhibition at Moraima Art Gallery, Barcelona
  • 25 February to 27 March 2015_ “Del canto al engaño” exhibition with Pitu Alvarez – Gaspar Camps Art School, Igualada (Barcelona)
  • 31 January to 4 January 2015 _ “Del canto al engaño” exhibition with Pitu Alvarez – Moraima Art Gallery, Barcelona


  • 26 September 2014 to 4 January 2015 _ Solo exhibition at Teatre de l’Aurora (Igualada)
  • 17 September to 17 October 2014_ Illustrations exhibition at Biblioteca Clarà – Barcelona, Spain
  • 4 March to 5 April _ “Mar i Cel” by Angel Guimerà collective exhibition – Centre Cívic Torre Llobeta, Barcelona
  • 20 March to 13 April _ “Il·lustrant la vida” solo exhibition – Sala Municipal d’exposicions d’Igualada. Spain
  • February _ Solo exhibition of children illustration – Llegim…? library, Igualada.Spain


  • December _ “Voices” Solo exhibition – Hot blues, Igualada. Spain
  • November _ Young Catalan Agency – Barcelona. Spain
  • 14 September to 20 October _ LaParada Gallery – Barcelona. Spain
  • June to September _ “Voices” Solo exhibition – Fonda del Saumell, Vallbona. Spain
  • 2 June _ Book Town fair 2013 – Bellprat. Spain
  • 23 April to 3 May _ Children Book Fair 2013 – Mollerusa. Spain


  • 8 July to 13 August _ La Kaserna, Igualada. Spain
  • 6 June to 17 July _ CC Torre Llobeta, Barcelona. Spain
  • 8 March to 15 April _ CC Calisai, Arenys de Mar. Spain
  • 15 February to 18 March _ Proa Espais library, Barcelona. Spain


  • 23 April to 27 June _ La Kaserna, Igualada. Spain
  • 25 March to 19 April _ Vallbona d’Anoia local government. Spain


  • 2 to 29 March _ Martorell local government. Spain
  • February _ La Casa Encendida, Madrid. Spain


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